Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

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I want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but I’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza. 

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If you are a man who thinks it’s funny to make misogynist jokes purely to make your female friends uncomfortable/angry, then you are a misogynist.  It is not “just a joke.”  You literally are finding humor in the discomfort and dehumanization of women.  You are not helping, you are not making satire.  You are just being misogynist.

Yes, this includes you gay men.

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2 years since they filmed it and im still angry they have weeks’ worth of footage of les amis they filmed but haven’t shown to anyone

i dont care how rough it is

or how much of it is just hours of retakes of the same scene

i want it ALL

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It’s official. We’re in love.
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Well “officer” if thats even your real name,

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this fic is a work of art

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??? if I am racist why am I reblog one pics of Adonis Abosso and Lupita Nonga???

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Scott Pilgrim’s response was always on point

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everything that costs more than $1 should be illegal 

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never can sleep on the goodbye nights

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How To Talk To Babies About Marxist Theory

  • BABY: [builds tower with blocks]
  • ME: ok this is very good
  • under capitalism massive building projects are constructed through wage slavery
  • and through their sheer size and scale intimidate and pacify the masses
  • so this is a great comment
  • BABY: [knocks over tower]
  • ME: that’s right
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(Most of) Awesome Mix, Vol. 1

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